With careful consideration and the approval of my wife, I, Barnell L. Williams will be running for Sheriff of West Baton Rouge 2019. In this pursuit of “Applying Pressure for Change,” I want to bring integrity, character, safety for our women and children, and grant assurance to working men that their families are safe.

I also want to eliminate the status of West Baton Rouge Sheriff Department being number one in the state of Louisiana in prison breakouts and rank in the nation as well. 

Also I will suit up in uniform at least once or twice a week along side the men and women who protect our parish to help understand their prospective and your prospective from a shared view to bring about resolution for the unresolved. There are a plethora of visionary highlights I can post here, but I am going to wait until my first “Meet & Greet” interview to do so.

I trust that you know Iʼve done tons of research and have creditable resources and connects to help me in this process. Iʼm asking not just for your vote but to allow my post to be copied and the pasted on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat along with my flyer. 

Promises are something they say never to do in politics, but since Iʼm not politicking, I promise I will do whatever it takes to make sure you have a voice in todayʼs Law Enforcement world by investing in you the people.

Trust me, Iʼm proven. Iʼve done all I needed to do in my years in law enforcement, school system, juvenile correction, group homes, security industry, youth basketball, and as a pastor for 6 years (27 years of ministry) to understand what is needed to take this Sheriff Department and Parish to new heights.

 But I canʼt do it without you. Iʼm also reaching out to my brothers and sisters in The Latino & Asian community to assist me in giving you a voice for your future in this parish as well.

Women, most precious women listen, nobody understands what you want and desire better than I do. No longer should you feel unsecured while pumping gas or making a grocery run or wondering if your child made it off the school bus safely. I promise to bring women in prominent positions to help foster change and reflect our communities.

Men of all race, I need you to help me restore order and give you assurance that there is no more business as usual and that there will be endless opportunities for you right in your backyard. This is my vow, and I will uphold my end of this commitment to you. So letʼs get ready to “APPLY THE PRESSURE FOR CHANGE.”


I approve this message.

Stay tuned for our commercial advertisements coming soon.

I love you guys.

Barnell L. Williams Candidate for Sheriff of West Baton Rouge 2019